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Make deliveries and earn, with convenient flexible hours to suit your requirements. Just set your availability. If you have a smartphone and a mode of transportation, including a bicycle, you can apply to drive or bike with us.


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You Need The Following

  • 18 years or older
  • A car, van, scooter, motorcycle or bicycle
  • Driver's license
  • Motor vehicle Insurance & Registration
  • Police Certificate of Character

How to become a Courier

The Procedure

  • Fill in the application
  • Indicate your vehicle type
  • Submit application
  • We will call you for a brief interview
  • You will receive notification

Courier's FAQ

How does delivering with GetitBB operate?

When you become a Courier, you make income through delivery fees from the online multi-store ordering network. When a customer places an order, we inform the Courier of the order, who picks it up and delivers it to the customer.

What is the delivery process?

You will be informed of the delivery. Once you receive the notification you need to confirm whether you accept or reject it. On acceptance you will proceed to go to the business, collect the item and then deliver it to the Customer. instructions will guide you from picking up the order to delivering it to the customer.

What do I need to provide to be a GetitBB Courier?

To operate as a Courier, you’ll need a reliable mode of transportation or vehicle, Car, Van, Bicycle, Scooter, Motorcycle, (a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, vehicle registration for motor vehicles), You’ll also need to have a smartphone, a data plan, and keep your phone charged.

Do you need a specific vehicle?

You can use any vehicle to make deliveries and earn, including a bicycle. We will average the distance ratio for bicycle riders. Motor vehicle users will need a valid driver’s licence, registration and insurance.

Do I still need a driver's licence etc. if I am only using a bicycle?

No ... Once you decide to strictly use only a bicycle, no licence or vehicle insurance is required. If at any time you decide to upgrade to using a car, van, motorcycle or scooter, then the necessary licences and other regular associated documents will be needed.

How soon can I get started?

Once there are openings available, you can start making deliveries once you complete the signup process, have been approved and have all of the required tools. Then you should be operational in no more than a few days

How many orders will I deliver?

The number of deliveries you’ll make depends on order volume. GetitBB matches the ratio of deliveries to the Courier fleet, to ensure that Couriers can benefit from the amount of deliveries they can make.

How much can I earn?

As a Courier, the sum of money you make on deliveries depends on many trips you accomplish, the nature of the order and the delivery fee of the business which you collect the order from.

When do I get paid?

All earnings from orders will be paid on a weekly basis.

What is an independent contractor?

GetitBB Couriers are independently contracted. This means that you have the flexibility of choosing your hours, how much you want to earn, you provide your own vehicle/phone and select if you want to be full or part time.

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