• Pickup or Delivery

You may have the ability to choose if you would like your Order to be picked up by you at the premises of the Vendor ("Pickup Order") or delivered to you by a third party courier or courier of the Vendor ("Delivery Order").

You may be provided a time for when the Pickup Order will be ready for pickup or when the Delivery Order will be delivered. These times are only an estimate and GETITBB and the Vendor offer no guarantee that these times will be achieved.

GETITBB is not responsible for any delays in receiving or having your Order ready for any reason.

For a Pickup Order, you will arrive at the time provided and GETITBB and the Vendor are under no obligation to remake or refund the Goods if you do not arrive when indicated.

  • Alcohol

If you order alcohol, you warrant that you are of legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in the area in which the alcohol is delivered and are not ordering alcohol for any person below the legal age in the applicable jurisdiction.

You acknowledge and agree that Vendors or Couriers may require valid government-issued photo identification(s) matching the name on the order and proving your age to the Vendor or Courier, and that the recipient is not intoxicated when receiving delivery.

If you are unable to meet these conditions to the satisfaction of the Vendor or the courier then alcohol products may be withheld, and any refund for such withholding is at the discretion of the Vendor, GETITBB or Courier.

If the you order alcohol and the alcohol is to be delivered, the delivery address must be a residential or private addresses. For greater certainty, alcohol orders may be subject to time and location restrictions.